NUKE (Nordic Union of Kalmar in Europe) - A country in Northern Europe consisting of former Denmark and Sweden states. It was set up in 1818. The name 'NUKE' refers to nuclear bombs that this country may possess in the future.

Government type Edit

The government type is Constitutional Monarchy and there are two kings ruling - one from Swedish land and the second from Danish one. In 1818, a few days after being created, the NUKE introduced its constitution (based on the Danish one from 1817).

Only people who set the Political Test and passed it are able to vote. Denmark was the first country to introduce this system and to give an example for the rest ones. This system was inherited by NUKE. Since then two more countries have intruduced that.

The Parliament consists of 100 members (50 from Denmark and 50 from Sweden).
NUKE flag

Flag of NUKE

History Edit

Early years Edit

NUKE was formed in 1818 from two countries: Denmark and Sweden.

In Denmark there was a referendum, that gave the result of 98% votes for appreciating entering a union with Sweden.

In Sweden the referendum for entering a union was given to the public later than in Denmark. 78% votes for "yes" determined the Swedish future.

Soon, in 1819 NUKE got its first colony on Ivory Coast.

First World War Edit

In 1820 the First World War began. Prussia Empire attacked Bavaria earlier in 1819, but a year later Russia joined Bavaria as a regular ally with protecting casus belli. NUKE, Austria and Ottoman Empire were called to arms by Prussia and involved in this massive warfare of countries.